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Course Name : ITIL Foundation.
Course Duration : 24 Hours

Course Description:
The purpose of the ITIL Foundation certification course in IT Service Management is to certify that the candidate has gained knowledge of the ITIL terminology, structure and basic concepts and has comprehended the core principles of ITIL practices for service management.

Candidate Profile:
ITIL Foundation certificate in IT Service Management covers a wide range of Professionals. This may include but is not limited to:
  • IT Professionals.
  • Business Managers.
  • Business Process Owners.
  • Service Delivery Managers.
  • Participants wishing to progress to higher qualification

Course Objectives:
Candidates can expect to gain knowledge and understanding in the following:

  • Service management as a practice (comprehension).
  • The ITIL service lifecycle (comprehension).
  • Generic concepts and definitions (awareness).
  • Key principles and models (comprehension).
  • Selected processes (awareness).
  • Selected functions (awareness).
  • Selected roles (awareness).
  • Technology and architecture (awareness).
  • Competence and training (awareness).

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