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Course Name : SQL Server 2012 (Business Intelligence)
Course Duration : 60 Hours.

Course Description:
SQL Server 2012 (Business Intelligence) consists of two modules- 70-466 and 70-467. This course is designed to assist the trainee in achieving a level of proficiency that is taught through hands-on labs, simulations, and the real-world application of skills. Our intensive, instructor-led course equips students with valuable knowledge and skills that directly transfer from the classroom to the workplace.

Candidate Profile:
This course is intended for database professionals who need to fulfill a Business Intelligence Developer role to create analysis and reporting solutions. BI Architects are responsible for the overall design of the BI infrastructure, including how it relates to other data systems in use. In addition, their responsibilities include Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cube design and integration with Microsoft SharePoint or line-of-business applications.


  • Sound knowledge in SQL Server 2012 (Database Administrator).
  • At least 2 yearsí experience of working with relational databases.
Course Objectives:

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Modeling
  • Implementing Reports with SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Supporting Self Service Reporting.
  • Managing Report Execution and Delivery.
  • Creating Multidimensional Databases.
  • Working with Measures and Measure Groups.
  • Introduction to MDX.
  • Customizing Cube Functionality.
  • Implementing a Tabular Data Model with Microsoft PowerPivot.
  • Introduction to DAX.
  • Implementing an Analysis Services Tabular Data Model.
  • Creating Data Visualizations with Power View
  • Performing Predictive Analysis with Data Mining.
  • Plan the components of a BI solution
  • Plan a BI infrastructure.
  • Design a data warehouse.
  • Design an ETL solution
  • Plan analytical data models and BI delivery solution
  • Design a Reporting Services solution with Excel reporting solution
  • Plan a SharePoint Server BI solution
  • Monitor and optimize a BI solution.
  • Plan for BI operations.
Course Modules Are:
  • 70-466: Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • 70-467: Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

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