Genuity Systems Ltd. is established in the year 2003 as a private limited company to take advantage of the window of opportunity to participate in the ongoing Information Technology (IT) revolution in Bangladesh.

Genuity Training is a technical career house providing hands-on, intensive training to develop the technical skills they need for a successful career as an Information Technology (IT) Professional. Genuity Training offers a broad range of IT training courses and programs which ensures a very specific training package for all skilled IT Professionals.

When it comes to computer training, the trainee needs to develop true competence for the job he intends to prepare thyself for; not just to receive an overview of program syntax and techniques. The best way to develop competence is through facilitated hands-on practice followed by practical experience. We believe that in our course pattern the students spend at least 50% of their scheduled time in performing structured hands-on lab exercises that build competence, confidence, and clarity amongst them.

Genuity takes great care in selecting highly experienced professional instructors, cross-trained in several technologies. They can relate the strengths and weaknesses of the products and present alternative solution strategies when they are warranted.

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