ISP Setup and Admin using MikroTik

Course Description:

  • | Course Duration : 40 Hours

The goal of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to develop ISP Setup and Administration in MikroTik Platform. The course focuses on Fundamental of Data Communication, MikroTik Essentials, MikroTik Administrations, and Network Security & Services and many more.

Audience Profile:

This course is intended for experienced pupils who already have basic network knowledge. The training course will be very helpful for the students who are directly engaged in IT service and enhance the depth of knowledge. It will develop them as a self confident expert in this arena.

Course Objectives:

Upon Completion of the course you will able to learn

  • Understanding basic network communication.
  • Identifying Network Hardware.
  • Classifying Network software(NOS).
  • Behavior of layer approach OSI.
  • Concepts about Data Link Layer Protocols, Understanding Network Layer Protocols and IP Addresses.
  • Concept about TCP and UDP and Understanding TCP/IP protocol suit.
  • Configuring TCP/IP client & Troubleshooting using TCP/IP utilities.
  • Configuring Firewall.
  • Bandwidth Management.
  • Network Management.
  • Wireless, Routing, Bridging & Tunnels.
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